How to become rich

Being rich is not just about the balance of the bank account or the amount of possessions you have. Fundamentally, being rich is about the amount of self-knowledge and the balance between oneself and others. The foundation of well-being is

Are men better in sports than women?

“Women have a different purpose — to have children, do housework, to create a family home.” That’s Russian ski jumping coach Arevyev’s last year’s degrading statement. There will probably never be an end to the discussion about the differences and

A categorization game with eating disorders and fitness sports?

I’ve talked about eating disorders and fitness sports a lot, and maybe written even more about it. I gave a lecture on the topic last week. With me was former fitness competitor Nora Yrjölä. Nora’s speech was about her experiences;

Sporting without tension and cramps impossible

Every athlete knows how it feels to have feet that feel like blocks of pine and a back so stiff that you might as well dress up in medieval armour without losing any flexibility. Although everyone from enthusiasts to top

The threat of violence is the opposite of fairness

Summer 2002. It all started from an urge to pee. A hilarious holiday weekend in England was recorded by the retinas to the memory of the central nervous system. The plane from London lands to Stockholm’s Arlanda. It taxies to

Unnecessary doping allegations to youth due to asthma medicines

The Finnish Anti-doping Agency FINADA published its last year’s doping test statistics last week. FINADA performed 3,020 doping tests in Finland and abroad last year. The results were positive in eight cases. The topicality of the subject brought up an

A distemper during an important match is a mistake

I almost choked on my morning coffee when I heard that biathlon skier Mari Laukkanen suffers from distemper. The time couldn’t have been any worse. It was just before the start of an important match and the chosen athletes are

Losing balance at the top

Media was full of colourful headlines about Norwegian skier Petter Northung during the Falun World Championship. We Finns have our own good-time boys as well. Surely every granny and sports fan over here has heard about the staggering ways of

To the boy

The frost came early that winter. A wool outfit had to be worn with the quilted outerwear, and the mouth had to be covered with a scarf in order to prevent the cold air rip the lungs. I was about

Flu and sports don’t mix

Snot flies, aches all over, and immobility gets on the nerves. This is something everyone has experienced. A common question is when it is safe to exercise after having the flu. There is no explicit or direct answer, but here

Mycoplasma: a stealthy guest and a nuisance for many athletes

A mycoplasma is a small but persistent microbe, which may cause long-term infections in the respiratory tract. There are almost two-hundred known mycoplasmas known, but only about ten of these cause diseases for people. The clinical picture of a mycoplasma

Triathlon–the sport of champions, crazy people or both?

It’s not often you hear someone say that triathlon is a relaxing pastime or a lightening counterweight for hectic everyday life. Those uninitiated with it might perceive triathlon as something that grinds and pushes the body to the extreme, so

Ballet girl

“It’s hard to be funny while being depressed”. She left the room, turned around at the door, lifted her chin up and said “I don’t want to see you again. I know that you’re wrong, just like everyone else”. Disappointment

An athlete–healthy as a horse, but the heart fails

In January 2004 Miklós Fehér, the Hungarian forward of Benfica walked on the field with a smile, until 20 seconds later he lied lifeless on the field. The 24 year old player died in spite of resuscitation attempts. Behind his

A Finnish youngster–mollycoddle or steel?

A phenomenon among parents today is to banish the educational responsibility out of the house. Shortcuts to success are offered for young people, but the road to success is long and rocky, and there aren’t any instant prizes. Some parents

The doctor is the backrest of an athlete

The same laws apply to caring for the health of an athlete as for any other person. Although the basic principles are the same, sports medicine has minor differences. This is what this text will dig into. The living habits

Bikini fitness is superficial well-being (and internal nausea)

As a sports doctor and a major consumer of sports I’ve been following discussions and writings in media about bikini fitness. The media and blogs consider bikini fitness a sport, which consists of a crazy amount of training and careful