Antti Tuisku


Pippa is dependable, funny and casual in her civil life. That’s why it is natural to have a so-called professional-patient relationship with her. As a doctor, Pippa is first and foremost open minded and thinks in a holistic manner.

Pippa treats people as an entirety, not just by staring at individual problems. Out of the doctors I have seen, she is the most thorough; if there is a problem, it must be fully investigated. I would compare her as a professional to Tarja Halonen. Both are purposeful and warm, but even strict if needed.

There is no room for being sick in my line of work. The physical activities and ever changing places of performance take their toll. It’s good to be near a person who you can call any time and who helps quickly.

I’ve used Pippa’s practise for several years. That’s why she knows my patient history so well that holistic examinations are a lot easier than in a constantly changing doctor relationship. If I have to call Pippa because of an acute problem, I can be sure that she does not only take care of the problem, but also thinks about its part in the bigger picture.

Pippa helps me take care of my profession with peace of mind.