Carla Bosco

Nobody wants a doctor visit. Ever. But Pippa is such a wonderful person that it’s pleasant to visit her even for more inconvenient matters. Actually, Pippa is a doctor who I’d like to spend my free time with as well. And that’s quite a lot said.

As a sports doctor, she is Madonna-like; a beautiful, stylish and distinctive super pro who seems to consider her work a calling. She brings natural liberality and positive energy, which attaches easily to her surroundings as well.

Pippa is a colourful and outspoken person who would fit in communication tasks as well. She can describe the most complex medical matters really clearly, so that even the average Joe knows what it’s about.

Pippa takes her patients seriously and performs her work with precision all the way to the end. The priority is to help and heal the patient. That’s probably what doctors’ jobs should always be about.