Joonas Korpisalo

Ice hockey goalie, Ilves

If “pippaing” was a verb, it would probably mean walking really briskly.

Pippa is a positive, pleasant and really skilful doctor. It is easy to rely on her, because you can see that she enjoys her work. Maybe that’s why it seems that her work is easy and natural. The same cannot be said about many doctors.

Pippa is like the Juhani “Tami” Tamminen of sports medicine; she is confident, energetic and even omniscient sometimes, in the positive meaning of course. I haven’t seen Pippa have a bad day yet, even though she is really busy sometimes, which is understandable when following her level of skill.

It is really comfortable to recover under her guidance because of her eternal good mood and hearty grip. Pippa is a cheery doctor.