Siim Liivik

Ice hockey player-Rapper

I met Pippa when she was the doctor of the A-juniors of HIFK. She is calm and considerate, but also dazzling and efficient when needed. I was also left with the impression that Pippa digs shopping quite a bit.

I was in a fight in the rink once during a game trip in Canada. That left me with a large cut on the corner of my eye. I had a small hole in my eye lid, too. Pippa didn’t retreat from the situation. She stitched me up on the locker room floor. I was ready to play in less than five minutes even though the cuts were in difficult places. Several other doctors would have stressed out in the situation, but Pippa took care of it with extraordinary simplicity.

As a person, Pippa is social and easily adaptable. I find it hard to imagine another female doctor who could cope so well with 30 ice hockey players on game trips and match events. Pippa is like a human chameleon; throw her into any situation and she comes out as the winner.

Pippa is the chief!